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15th-Nov-2013 03:04 pm - About friending me....and stuff...

This only applies to if you want to read crap like...my fics, OC backstories, my random rambling (this isn't that many) and when I'm in a Sai mood and have to yell at cyberspace (Whichisn't many either) Or if you just want that warm fuzzy feeling of having yet another LJ friend.

If you're just here for doll pics no need to add me.

If you are after my por- I mean... works of fiction, casisgummi  is what you are looking for :)
3rd-Mar-2010 02:29 pm - Kuroshitsuji + Bleach Doujin sales!
I am selling all my doujinshi as...I don't read them anymore! All are pretty much mint, and all are very explicit R-18s (lol) All in Japanese, bought directly from stores in Japan by me last year (Bleach ones are 3 years old, but same). Most of my Kuro ones are Pink no Neko sensei's, because I love her art and kinks....

All doujin are $17 each, or $15 if you buy more than 2. I am based in the UK, and postage will be quoted when you tell me how many books you want :)

I have good feedback as seller on ebay feedback.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll though I havn't sold there for a while, I have very recent feedback spanning 3 years selling very expencive resin dolls on Den of Angels here denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php

And here are the doujin: (Click to see bigger photo) If any question about content or whatever, ask me.

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10th-Oct-2009 05:11 pm(no subject)
As everyone said they would like to see one, here it is. I've decided to list the more "rare"-ish stores, the ones atleast for BJD supplies that most people don't point out when people ask. I kind of added random places to eat in 'Bukuro as I always stay there ^^;/
For Volks Sumikas in Japan, this person has done a good photo guide to them here: http://www.angelden.net/photoguide/

Anyway. It's quite short , but still =D XD
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Noon-hwa's come back home <3 He's SO pretty >< Just needs a smaller wig -_-;;/
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His Jeogori Chima is so pretty *_* I want another one, icy blue like his name XD (Ice Flower) I swear, Kanguk is a girl sculpt. Seriously. He's as girly as Akira and Opal who are girl molds XD

25th-Jun-2009 05:51 pm - Introducing my Fan fic account....
Well, I've had it a while but.. XD


There it is! I've started posting stuff on it again....which will keep up, I hope. XD

21st-Jun-2009 05:22 pm - Topless boys! =D
.....It ended up seeing a little pervy to have Opal in his (well..not even HIS. Miyuu's...and she's gone so....er...the Sarawho's incoming who I have no name for's...) panties and amulet and that's it, it made me feel quite perv-ish seeing as Opal's all cute and innocent and all...but I thought I'd show off his mods and blushing once in a while....they get wasted under his robes and ahem...dresses...:\ And Aki...well Akira likes being nekkid anyway. (Like all rockers...and well...I'm sure Kate knows the sort of guy he is...he likes wandering around his flat au naturel....) And he's not naked, he has trousers on =D XD I've got him more tattoos as...I haven't finished yet. I still dunno what to have on his back.....:\

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31st-May-2009 01:00 am - For Sale
For sale/trade:
Luts Delf Miyu NS + DIM Minimee Kazuya Kamenashi mod + dreamingdoll boy body + Luts SSDF Man 08 Auction on Ebay:


Help me get my Junior Delf body for Riku and possibly keep the other head as...I dunno... Raphael maybe? XD And ease my guilt of buying another head...(haha...)
24th-May-2009 10:16 pm - Akira is (finally) finished <3 XD
How long has it been? Atleast 1 year X_x

His dread wig (which is lovely, though it did take a LONG time to have made) and his Enchanted custom eyes (That also took along time) have come, and with his new FU I declare him done! =D (Well. He needs piercings but I SO don't want to put tem on with superglue and found no better soultion... -_-;)

He is SO hard to photograph. I really don't know why, but he is so so hard. It must be his resin or something, though he's meant to be same colour as Miyuu man it's impossible to get sharp un blurry un whiteout photos of him :\ (Hence I only have 3 photos out of TONS I took)


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I hardly post now XD I should more! Here's some photos of Opal I took today... Talking of which, does anyone wanna RP their OC to be paired with him? (He dosn't usually dress like this...I was messing about with some clothes I got from the DH Fukubukuro...XD) If anyones interested leave a comm :)

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Why is it, when you post a WTB for a certain doll(s), you get no response for weeks. Then you get quite a good offer for the head 3rd on your list. You settle for that head because yes you like it, but hey the perfect one is a LE and the only one on sale for MONTHS went for more than you would pay. You probably won't get that head anyway right? So settle for this one while it's a good offer.

.........................then no 1 and 2 of your wishlist LE molds turn up the very next day after you paid, for less than you were willing to pay inc shipping.

...........can I cry now? Honestly I better love this head I bought or I will...like die ><

Oh and wow I haven't posted in ages. I will sometime soon. For now erm... have this photo of Kaon. He's cute (and for sale if anyone wants him, for only $225!) but I just really want a SOOM MD tiny so I'm trying to pawn him off >< I'm so bad lol


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